Tsukaima no Chrono is a Familiar of Zero/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha crossover written by Nakushita. It ran for fifteen chapters before it was officially discontinued on August 12, 2012.


Chrono Harlown, one of the main characters of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, is Summoned to the Kingdom of Tristain and becomes the Familiar of Louise "Zero" de la Valliere. Can he endure snobbish students, smitten teenage girls, monsters, and worst of all, a short-tempered master with a penchant for spankings?


The Beginning of a New Story

Chrono Harlown is conversing with is friends...and that's it.

One Needs to Prepare for Pain

Chrono is suddenly sucked into a portal. As he flies through it, he begins to think that he is dead. Meanwhile, in Tristain, the second-year students are conducting the Summoning Ritual. Kirche von Zerbst summons a salamander she names Flame, and Louise conducts her own ritual, Summoning Chrono by mistake.

First Kiss!

Distraught at summoning a "commoner", Louise begs the teacher, Professor Colbert to let her retry the ritual, but he refuses, and the students mock her. Reluctantly, she kisses Chrono, marking him as her Familiar, and Chrono passes out.

I'm Not a Ferret

Chrono wakes up in Louise's room, and Louise attempts to order him to do her laundry, but they do not understand each other. Upon noticing that his journey through the portal hasn't turned him into a ferret, Chrono begins jumping for joy. Annoyed by the "noise", Louise attempts to cast a silencing spell on Chrono, but instead accidentally uses a spell that allows Chrono to speak her language. They then introduce themselves, but Chrono angers Louise by pointing out that she is dressed in her panties and asking if she is attracted to him, resulting in her unleashing an explosive spell on him that knocks him out of the room.

But I Wasn't Running Away!

Chrono, having nothing to do, begins exploring the castle/school, eventually running into Guiche, who is flirting with Katie. Later, Louise comes looking for Chrono, and enlists Guiche's assistance. They eventually track Chrono down and Guiche restrains him with a Levitation spell while Kirche laughs at Louise's failure to control her Familiar. Seething, Louise grabs Chrono and gives him a spanking.