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Marduk Chapter 4: Man from the East
Book: Marduk, Chapter 4
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Written by Maou no Arashi
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--Maou no Arashi 06:31, February 25, 2012 (UTC)Maou no Arashi 12-0225

Chapter Four: Man from the East

I was awoken by some guards pointing spears against my throat, until Henrietta called them off, still a little drunk and very exhausted from training with Saito. I was physically worn out. I heard stamping hooves crash into the soil repeatedly, throwing dust in the air, floating in giant plums and blossoming as a man stopped and bowed before the castle guards.

"I must speak with the person that owns this castle," a hooded man begged.

"Under whose authority?" a guard said, raising a halberd to his throat.

"I come to give a message to a man named Balgud," he said as I stopped, in the hallway looking down towards the entrance.

"Henrietta, please let that man in, I think he has answers," I turned, eyes wide as I turned toward her.

"Alright," she smiled.

The guards promptly backed down as the hooded man threw back his hood when he entered my presence and bowed at my feet.

"Lord Balgud, it is an honor to meet you," he said as the guards looked me over, and Henrietta sent them away for privacy.

"How do you know my Familiar name, anyway?" I asked him.

"Since ages long since past, there was an order to protect the awakening of something nearly equal to Void, something not stronger or weaker but different, you are the first sign of this, she is another. A spirit descending from the demon who brought the evil of Void shall bring a new form of familiar, that is what I was told. Your "god" Brimir is an ancestor of yours, but you must not fight an Elven Mage who has power beyond any mage, for he, he is dangerous," he said as I started shaking from fear.

"What are you saying?" she asked, almost whispering.

"I am only told of you two, as I am the one assigned to give you two knowledge, an help you out, I realize elves and humans don't get along but, you are the Balgud, and his master, two beings roughly as powerful as a Void Mage," he admitted